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Frequently Asked Questions
Braincase intelligent questions answered

Where did you get all the great artwork for your site?

Shannon is an artist who dabbles in illustrating and web design. He worked together with Braincase to develop the art concepts and design for this site.

Why "Braincase"?

Our original idea was to develop a "think tank" of talent to provide businesses with accounting, computing and business expertise. "Braincase" is the home of these expert minds, giving you access to problem solving power when you need it without keeping them on the payroll.

Is this the website for the Afrikaans singer Nicholis Louw?

No. Our Nicolas Louw is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. He could sing for you, but you probably wouldn't like it very much. We do not know if Nicholis Louw (the singer) has a website, but if he doesn't we would be quite willing to create one for him.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.