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About Us
Braincase intelligent business solutions

What is Braincase?

Braincase aims to provide the software tools and software development expertise you need to grow and manage a micro to medium to multinational business.

In addition, Braincase is partnered with companies providing accounting and business process and administration services, along with professional graphic and web design. We have accumulated a "think tank" of talent, giving you access to problem solving power when you need it without keeping it on the payroll.

In 2010, we have been focusing on enterprise software solutions for a multinational corporate client.

Our goal is to help business owners see value from their software investments, giving them features they need in a budget they can afford.

If you are looking to put your business into overdrive, ask us about:

How can you use current technology to add value to your business? Brainstorm with us.


28 October 2010 - Our resources are still currently outsourced to larger corporate clients for long-running development projects. If you urgently need some assistance, please feel free to contact us. Our larger industry partners have developers ready to assist you.